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Conduit and Pipe Bending

Equipment Corps has a diverse inventory of cable puller rentals to choose from. We have several models of cable pullers with a tension meter. Some are high-speed cable pullers, some are Mantis, and of course, we have a floor mount one as well. We also rent the hold down chains to secure the pullers.

In turn, you might require a battery cable cutter as well. When laying down any type of cable, a compression tool is needed to cut the cable at the correct point.  We rent out Huskie compression tools, only the best, to complete a sensitive task like cabling.

At Equipment Corps we believe in only renting out quality tools, and our pipe bending machine rentals are no different. Whether you want electric or hydraulic, a superior brand we stock is Greelee. With several different sizes, it’s simple to find the correct pipe bending machine for the job specifications.  We’ve been renting out industrial construction tools for 30 years, offering reasonable rentals. Contact us today to inquire about our rates.